Advantage Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) was founded in 2000 by owner and president, David Parsons. Based in Monroe, Washington—a city thirty three miles northeast of Seattle—the company started out with six employees working in a 6,500 square foot shop.

Today, in a state-of-the-art facility ten times that size and just down the road from where they started, Team AMT is over 100 strong and growing. As a dynamic leader in manufacturing medical devices for the orthopedic, spinal and dental industries, AMT is proud of its role in improving patient outcomes.

In its first years, AMT served a handful of OEM customers and manufactured implant screws for a medical device company and aftermarket high performance automotive products. The company realized its precision machining capabilities, customer focus and value-driven pricing were well suited to capturing a larger market share in the competitive medical device industry and began to solely target that sector.

Steady growth ever since has hinged on AMT’s ability to deliver end-to end results for its OEM partners—bringing innovative ideas to market faster and at prices substantially below its competitors. Its modern 65,000 square foot facility is completely designed around the latest precision-machining technologies and its associated processes.

From its humble start to its expanded market focus, Parsons and his team believed that earning a customer’s trust and fulfilling on promises would create long-term business relationships. And so the words, “Integrity in Every Part,” came to stand for what the company would strive to deliver—integrity in every finished component or assembly AMT manufacturers and integrity in every phase of its relationship with customers. That philosophy of doing business is not only a source of pride for the company, but a defining principle that continues to attract new business and lasting partnerships.