As our name implies, Advantage Manufacturing Technologies offers the technical resources and expertise that will give your medical device company the competitive advantage. Here’s how:

Development Support—We help you get to market first and stay there. Our engineers and  assistants will collaborate with you on developing a prototype or making process improvements that will optimize manufacturability and reduce costs.

Lean Systems—By thinking and rewarding “lean” in every phase of our operation, we’ve built a culture of continuous improvement. As a company, we pursue strategies that cut waste, decrease costs and reduce lead times to improve overall value for our customers.

Innovative Technologies—Our modern 65,000 square foot facility in Monroe, Washington is equipped with the latest machining and process technologies. Capabilities include: turning, multi-axis Swiss turning, milling, assembly and kitting, light fabrication, laser marking and welding, surface finishing such as polishing, blasting or titanium type II and III anodizing, and customized packaging, labeling and delivery services.

Project Management—Your job is always under control at AMT. Our state-of-the-art software and managerial expertise allow us to control and track every phase of production from concept to finished and packaged part. If you have questions about your project, we know the answers.

Quality Assurance—We pride ourselves on the close tolerances and quality finishes we achieve in every part that passes through our hands. AMT meets certification requirements for ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008.

Team AMT Support—If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our responsive corporate structure enables us to deliver value added services that are adjusted to your unique and changing needs. In AMT you will find a dedicated strategic partner focused on your long-term success.

Trusted Relationships—At AMT, we strive to maintain a corporate culture where every employee and customer is valued, respected and trusted. In your relationship with AMT, you will receive superior service from friendly, knowledgeable people who truly value your business.